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The first step to us helping you recruit the ideal candidate is to tell us more.

The Role

A job specification is always helpful and from this we can determine the skillset you are after, however there is much more information you can provide that will make the whole process more successful and find the ideal candidate.

We will hold a free consultation with you to go over the role in detail amd advise where appropriate if there are opportunities available to attract the right audience.

The Business

Whilst we want to find someone that can do the tasks required, we also want to ensure the potential candidate is right for your business. Our preference is a face-to-face whereby we can gauge that the working environment & setting is spot on for the right candidate.

Our aim is to ensure the candidate is as happy with the workplace as you will be with the candidate.


Not sure what service you need? Have a look at what Oraculum provide and then contact us to discuss requirements.


Want to get started?

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Important Note:

You will receive confirmation via email so be sure to add "website@oraculum.co.uk" to your contacts (and check spam).