ServicesDedicated, reputable professionals with a proven track record in recruitment and staffing.

Oraculum offer services that fulfil different needs of business and aspects of the recruitment, retention and outplacement of staff.

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HR Support Services

Support for your HR function is key to the ongoing success of your employee strategy. By offering your HR the support they need, when they need it, we ensure that your business is fully supported throughout the employee cycle.

  • Job descriptions
  • Person Specs
  • Benchmarking
  • Appraisals
  • Vacancy advertising
  • Candidate Pipelining
  • More ...

Having provided, qualifying interviewing, onboarding and follow-up consultation service to our clients, for many years, we know how much benefit there is in ironing out minor concerns of staff as they settle into new roles. Listening and dealing with questions and queries as they arise, ensuring they do not grow into bigger issues.

Time and again we are the essential go-between for new starters, unsure of what they can ask HR or Senior teams or business owners. Ensuring they feel supported and are onboarded with your organisation.

At Oraculum, we have over 25 years of interviewing & consultancy experience. We have spoken to thousands of candidates whilst they are seeking work. We understand people’s questions, motivations, and concerns at a time of change (changing jobs is on par with moving to a new house in terms of stress)

We are highly professional and fully competent in conducting confidential conversations. We are highly skilled at quickly engaging and interacting via telephone/video with people from our first contact with them.

As members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, (REC) we will always work to the highest professional & ethical standards.

Recruitment ServicesRecruitment-As-A-Service | HireSMART | RecruitSMART

HireSMART provides the tools and expertise to allow you to recruit successfully for yourself. This is a highly cost-effective introduction to recruiting.

RecruitSMART is a step up where you need the support and assistance from trained professional recruitment consultants collaborating with you using the tools developed to streamline the process. This allows a low-cost but with reduced impact on your time level of services.

RecruitSMART Campaign extends the service where you are looking to recruit multiple roles, are too busy to manage the process yourself and want results effortlessly.


HireSMART Service

Get the consultancy and tools you need for our
Do It Yourself service.

Fantastic Toolkit with...
Job Description
Person Specification
Vacancy Advert
Where & how to advertise for best response
Candidate attraction
Candidate engagement
Candidate screening
Complete Toolkit Library.
4-Hour Consultancy.
Up to 4 example CV's matched to your needs.
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RecruitSMART Service

Want us to manage recruitment alongside you - this is our
Do It With You service?

Fantastic Toolkit.
Everything in hireSMART
Complete Toolkit Library.
5-hours / week Consultancy
6-weeks of Consultancy
1 Vacancy to job boards
Advertise on our Jobs board for free
CV Searches
CV Watchdogs
Secure Branded Portal
     Single User Access
     CV Hub
     Online Branded Registration Form
     Online Branded Interview Booking Form
     Online Training Library
     Online Templates Repository
     Highly Secure
     99.9% availability
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recruitSMART Campaign

RecruitSMART Campaign Service

Want us to manage a recruitment campaign on your behalf, our
Do It For You service?

Fantastic Toolkit.
Everything in hireSMART
Complete Toolkit Library.
2-days / week Consultancy
4-weeks of Consultancy
Up to 5 Vacancies to job boards
Advertise on our Jobs board for free
CV Searches
CV Watchdogs
Secure Branded Portal
     Up to 5 User Access
     CV Hub
     Online Branded Registration Form
     ...with additional questions
     Online Branded Interview Booking Form
     ...with additional questions
     Online Training Library
     Online Templates Repository
     Highly Secure
     99.9% availability
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Oraculum have user-friendly online tools to help in your recruitment plans, they fit in effortlessly whether you are looking to fully manage the recruitment process yourself or work with us.

Utilise professional-looking public facing candidate registration forms or interview booking sites to allow candidates to book free interview slots and manage the timing effortlessly

Recruitment Portal

Single Portal Access CVs

Single Portal Site for managing recruitment

Access CV's and collaborate with Oraculum on them

Online Registrations Training Library

Single locations of online registrations

Training Library of how to recruit including useful forms

Online Applications Mobile-Friendly Candidate Application Form System

Candidate Registration System Mobile Candidate Registration System

Professional candidate registration form linked into your portal

Online Booking Mobile-Friendly Candidate Interview Booking System

Candidate Interview Booking System Mobile Candidate Interview Booking System

Professional online interview booking system

Outplacement ServicesWhen you need to let staff go, protect your brand and help outgoing staff.


During the most traumatic of events, now more than ever business owners need to be seen to do the right thing for outgoing staff.

Outplacement Support will reduce disruption in your workforce

Outplacement Support will help to avoid overwhelm of your Leadership Team

Outplacement Helps Maintain Morale

Outplacement keeps staff engaged and productive

Outplacement protects your company’s employee brand for the future

Outplacement Support Services sends a clear communication that you value your employees

Outplacement support provides a bridge for exiting staff for the emotional aspects of redundancy & evaluate a practical plan to build a new career path

Reduces the risk of litigation

Benefits to YOUR STAFF

Providing Outplacement Support Services during consultation and notice periods is appreciated by employees:

CV appraisal, updating, profiling, and reformatting

Identify opportunities to upskill via available training

Assessment of key experience & transferable skills

1:1 Career Coaching

Job search advice and guidance

Job application advice and insights

Interview techniques & support

Group or individual coaching calls

Developing practical & actionable career plan