#2 Why is RPO replacing traditional recruitment[Posted 15/11/2019 10:00]

Traditional recruitment is all focused on numbers, get the maximum number of candidates in front of a customer and they are bound to choose one. You are faced with all eggs in one basket and rely on a single agency or engage with multiple agencies and face the race-to-the-bottom as each agency endeavours to get “The Perfect Candidate (AKA any and every candidate)” submitted first in order to win the fee.

Agencies vary in what they provide, some cast a wide net and simply match on every possible criteria just to supply CV’s, others may diligently at least call the candidate but they know it’s a numbers game so rush the engagement.

The whole process is based around sales rather than quality recruitment and for the customer they are often question why?, is there a better way, what does the fee justify?

RPO is different, it looks to take on ownership and responsibility for the customers’ recruitment process, it looks to furnish a long-term symbiotic relationship where customer & outsourcer work collaboratively throughout and value is delivered throughout the process.

As a result, RPO is evolving as the leading recruitment model, providing solutions to overcome many of the negative aspects of the traditional recruitment agency.