#5 What Oraculum can give to business owners as an RPO[Posted 15/11/2019 13:00]

Oraculum have built a set of tools and processes as an RPO to better serve our customers through the creation of three core services:

Our RecruitSMART service contains 6 weeks of 5 hours a week consultancy and vacancies to advertise across nationwide job boards, intelligent CV searches and watchdogs and access to our fantastic branded portal whilst our RecruitSMART Campaign service is for business looking to recruit multiple people with 2 days per week over 4 weeks consultancy and our Branded Portal.

Our RAAS (Recruitment-As-A-Service) portal provides all the tools you need to professionally attract candidates, it comprises a management system to work on registrations, CV’s and applications. It has a branded candidate registration form as well as a branded candidate interview booking form linked to your availability. All external tools work on PC, mobile and tablets and can be published to Social Media.

The RAAS is our collaboration platform and includes a repository of all our training materials, useful forms and documents in case you wish to manage your recruitment process. It is highly secure and always available.

We offer the RAAS as part of our RecruitSMART services but if you prefer to manage the recruitment process on your own we also offer it in conjunction with our HireSMART which provides the toolkit every business needs along with a 4 hours onsite consultancy, our complete set of templates and sample CV’s relevant to the roles you typically need to fill.

Whether you want Oraculum to act as your RPO or provide you with the tools & skills to manage it yourself we are here for you.

Book a £99 one hour consultation here to discuss recruitment challenges or review you current process.