#1 What is RPO?[Posted 15/11/2019 09:00]

Often in our modern age, acronyms will arrive with the instant expectation we all know what they mean and can relate a wealth of historical experience & knowledge whenever they are dropped into conversation.

The IT industry suffers particularly from this, with emerging technologies and new acronyms all the time. Other industries are not immune and recruitment has its fair share of them.

RPO  as a recruitment model is sweeping through the industry bringing a fundamental shift in how one manages the recruitment process. It looks to advocate a best-in-breed approach from multiple providers. It stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing and represents a methodology to make the process as efficient and smooth running as possible, whilst reducing running costs, standardising and being compliant by relying on experts.

Recruitment can sometimes be a risky, laborious, time-consuming and stressful activity, often ranging from an influx of inappropriate candidates to a drought of applications or contemplating compliance & handling complaints, generally leaving you inundated with administration.

RPO looks to provide small and medium business the mechanism to focus on the important parts of recruitment, namely final interviews and decisions leaving a provider to deal with the rest, whilst building up their own businesses talent pipeline and employer brand.

RPO also extends beyond simply recruitment and enters into the arena of employee experience, retention and aftercare.