What is a good recruitment consultant?[Posted 03/11/2019 07:15]

We all know that recruitment consultants find candidates to fill vacancies at client companies. But how is a good recruitment consultant different from the rest? And why can’t your business just do its own recruitment? To begin with Good recruitment consultants ‘love’ their jobs. They really have passion for what they do.

Working with businesses

A good recruitment consultant operates as an extension of your business, fitting into your company culture and understanding what makes your employees tick. Armed with this knowledge, the good recruitment consultant is well-placed to find you the best possible candidate; someone who’ll want to stay and ultimately add a value to your company. Their success is your success.

Finding candidates

The days of the typing pool are behind us and in the 21st century, most office jobs are a bit more diverse. A list of skills won’t necessarily add up to the perfect candidate but fortunately, a good recruitment consultant will be able to help you with your person specification, pinning down not only qualifications and experience but also considering what sort of personality you’re looking for, and what interests and transferable skills will help them fit into your team. If you get the person specification and the job description right at the outset, you’ll attract the right kind of people and the whole recruitment process will run more efficiently.

Behind the scenes

If a good recruitment consultant receives a hundred applications for your vacancy, they’re not going to give them all to you to sift. They appreciate how busy you are, and that weeding out the wrong people isn’t for you to do. What they will do, however, is let you know how many people are applying for your post - this will help you understand the candidate market you’re appealing to and how keen people are to work for your company. Once the application period has closed, the good recruitment consultant will send you the top ten per cent of candidates (the number may vary depending on the number of applications) so you can come up with a short list for interview.

Advice and support

If you’re new to interviewing or any other aspect of the recruitment process, a good recruitment consultant can provide great support. Ineffective interviews are a waste of everyone’s time so talk to your recruitment consultant and get advice about questions, when to prompt candidates, and even how to behave. If you’re not sure how to do an induction for a new recruit, a good recruitment consultant should be able to help.

Settling in

Once the new recruit is in place, a good recruitment consultant doesn’t just “take the money and run.” A good recruitment consultant continually liaises with both candidate (now “the recruit!”) and client (that’s you) to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Is the new starter happy and starting to be an effective member of staff? Do you know what you could be doing to help them settle in? A good recruitment consultant should be approachable by both you and your new starter, to make sure that this new relationship has the good beginning it should.

When you’re looking for help with filling your vacancies now and in the future, remember to choose a recruitment consultant who cares about what they do: you’ll end up with a team member who’ll want to stay in the role and become an asset to your business. A good consultant will love your business almost as much as you do!

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