Using a recruitment expert doesn't have to be scary![Posted 29/10/2019 07:13]

Using a recruitment expert doesn't have to be scary!

It’s nearly Halloween! Pumpkins are piled up at the supermarkets, children start planning frightening costumes and parents guiltily purchase bumper bags of sweets (the Trick or Treaters didn't really go for those cereal bars last year, did they?).

The veil between this world and the next will soon be at its thinnest ¿ who knows what ghosts will creep back for a visit? On Halloween, we¿ll be hanging up the scary skeletons at Oraculum Towers…but we're nice really, and we're here to help. You should never be scared of using an expert to help you with your recruitment (even if she is wearing a witch's hat!).

Going to a recruitment expert is usually quicker, less stressful and has better results than muddling along by yourself.  Experts can take the fear out of recruitment while also finding you great employees. An expert knows what questions to ask you to get to the heart of your business, and understand what the job is all about. Experts can advise you on how to plan your advert to attract the best candidates - get it right and you’ll only hear from people who can actually do the job.

Once you've advertised, an expert recruitment consultant can do the initial CV sift for you. They know to not just look at direct experience but transferable skills too, also looking for the right personality to fit your company ethos.

When your new starter is in place, any recruitment consultant worth their salt will make sure the new starter is settling in. Having a recruitment consultant in the loop during those first weeks is great - you’ve got someone to act as go-between while you're getting to know each other, and the recruitment consultant can also support you in getting your new starter up and running. The sooner your new recruit is settled in, the sooner they'll become an asset to your company.

It can feel scary going to a recruitment consultant for the first time - you don't know what to ask, maybe you're not even quite sure what the job is you're recruiting for. But you have nothing to fear. We work in recruitment because we value people - we value what employers have to say, as well as what candidates have to offer. If you feel you're in the dark, just let us know and we'll guide you through the process…just follow the pumpkin lanterns!