How Oraculum RPO have adapted to support our customers[Posted 02/10/2020 21:00]

How Oraculum RPO have adapted to support our customers

The past few months have been a whirlwind in the recruitment industry – maybe a tornado! For us at Oraculum RPO, it’s meant a few changes to our services and the way we run our business to support our customers.

Our mission is to help people and businesses navigate these challenging times with ease and confidence, on both sides of the employer-employee relationship.

In this blog piece, we talk about all the ways we have adapted our business to support employers, HR professional, business owners and employees; all of whom have experienced unforeseen changes to their professional lives in 2020.

Our challenges

As with all businesses across the world, the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the economy has meant huge changes to the recruitment industry. Prior to the initial wave of Covid-19, employment hit an all-time high in Britain in January 2020. Since then, we’ve seen a drastic increase in redundancies with hundreds of thousands of people in the UK losing their jobs despite the furlough scheme.

Our biggest challenge has been the unpredictability of the current situation – as with any crisis, if we could predict what would happen then it wouldn’t be a crisis. So, in these ‘unprecedented’ times (forgive us), it’s been challenging, but we know that our new people-focused services can actually help businesses manage the unpredictable.

How we have adapted to support you

At Oraculum RPO, our ways of working have been adapted to support your business in these challenging times. As well as our existing outplacement services (linkto previous blog) which support employees’ transition from your company to a new role, we’ve introduced new services to support restructuring businesses with the re-onboarding process after the lockdown period or the furlough scheme. We have also enhanced our online service to ensure we are able to offer effective remote recruitment while keepingpeopleat the heart of what we do for your business.

Both of our services look to help staff deal with the various impacts of career changes whilst helping your business streamline your processes, protect your brand and improve productivity.

Learn more about our services here:

  • Outplacement services – To protect your employer brand, support your employees through the transition, maintain morale of your remaining staff and reduce risk of litigation.
  • Re-Onboarding services – To support your business restructure, re-onboarding staff after the furlough scheme or the lockdown period

Opportunities in lockdown

Janine Chamberlin, director of LinkedIn was quoted saying, “COVID-19 has been a catalyst for change and is giving employers the opportunity to rebuild fairer and more inclusive businesses” – and we couldn’t agree more!

While lockdown has been an undoubtedly challenging period for both employers and employees, we feel confident that the shift in social attitudes towards recruitment, staffing and flexible working will allow the business world to resurge in coming months.

For us at Oraculum RPO, the lockdown period has presented us with some incredible opportunities to work with some very talented people who, under normal circumstances, would not be available. Also, the introduction of remote working has been revolutionary for the range of opportunities your business can explore and we’re here to help you.

While challenging, we feel fortunate that we are still helping people at this difficult time. By supporting businesses and focusing on the individuals in your workforce, we are confident in the success and growth of your company and your staff.

Changes going forward

We’ve made a few changes during the lockdown period that have been so successful that we’re going to keep them!

Here are just a few:

  • Online meetings, interviews and recruitment
  • Collaboration and referrals between businesses
  • Ongoing self-development and training for our staff
  • Walk & Talk consultancy meetings
  • Encouraging proper break to improve productivity and work-life balance
  • Zoom coffee mornings

Are there any changes that your business has made during the pandemic that you’ll be keeping? We would love to hear from you;connect with us on LinkedIn or sign up to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news from Oraculum RPO.

If you think your business could benefit from either of our services; Outplacement or Re-Onboarding, please get in touch via our website to book you FREE consultation.

We are here to Listen & Help

The current crisis has provided challenges for both employees and employers – if your company is considering the outplacement of staff in a dignified, open and positive way then please take a look at Oraculum Recruitment’s NEW Outplacement Service. Do not leave your employees trying to find their way without a map.


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