#3 How is RPO Better?[Posted 15/11/2019 11:00]

In our earlier blogs we explained what RPO is and why it is replacing the service of a traditional recruitment agency but it’s important to understand how RPO is better.

The key aspect of why RPO is better revolves around how it looks to nurture a collaborative experience between customer and outsourcer. The outsourcer is efficiently dealing with finding and engaging with possible candidates and leaving the final decision to the business. RPO’s spend time to know and understand the business, the company, their ethos, the role and the people within it, learn about the specifics values of what will make an ideal candidate and use the wealth of their expertise to present the best candidates.

There is no longer the drive to find anybody or everybody but a drive instead towards representing the customer professionally, ensuring the candidates are well prepared and the customer has been fully engaged in the process without the burdensome administration.

Furthermore, RPO is not one-size-fits-all model, customers are different and have different needs, have different desires to own parts of the process and have varying degrees of internal resource or expertise of their own to call upon. Again here is where RPO excels, the engagement can and often is flexible.

All-in-all the collaborative nature of the relationship is why RPO is better.

Currently, a recruitment agency will charge a huge salary-percentage-based fee for simply finding someone. Essentially that is “Candidate Search” perhaps “Screening” and perhaps “Schedule Interviews”, RPO however looks to achieve more by facilitating any or all stages the customer requires.