7 ways to show your staff you appreciate them[Posted 02/03/2019 14:55]

At Oraculum, we really do appreciate our team's hard work…and we know how important it is to tell them. Caring is a great way of making your staff sticky and employee retention is great for business.


Here are seven things we should all try and do to make our employees feel loved:

1.  Listen!

Whatever your level in a company, listen to what your direct reports have to say. Criticism isn¿t the same as insubordination - you could learn a lot, and it could help put things in perspective. Having an open door policy is a great way of building a constructive, two-way relationship with your staff. Best of all, if your staff know they have a voice, they're much more likely to stick around.

2.  Specific praise

Ever had praise so throwaway you'd rather you hadn't had any? When you're praising your staff, be clear about what they've done that's made the difference.  For example, “You handled that client really well ¿ that could have got out of hand but you kept calm” or “that was a great idea ¿ we used it and the response has been more than we could have hoped!” are both very effective. It's this kind of specific praise will help that staff member build a positive image of themselves in the workplace.

3.  Positive feedback

As well as praise, positive feedback is also really powerful. If your team is praised, make sure you let them know! A “team good news diary” is a quick and easy way to do this: all of you can use it to write down the deadlines you met, the savings you made and the praise you've received then begin each team meeting with a review of the recent good news.

4.  Extra responsibility

Assigning a team member extra responsibility is one of the best ways to show you trust them. (But remember the two-way communication too if they've already got a lot on, don't overburden them!).

5.    Stick up for your staff

You know your direct reports better than the CEO or the clients do. If the CEO praises your team, tell him/her which team members were responsible for getting that contract or averting that disaster. If you've got an angry client on the phone, be polite (for goodness' sake!) but remember not to undermine your staff. You probably know why they made a certain decision ¿ back your team up and let them know you're on their side.

6.  Treat Friday!

This is an easy one! Buy doughnuts or cake (or really nice fruit!) for your staff once a week ¿ just a little treat to make them feel appreciated and motivated.

7.  Say thank you

If you haven't got time for changing policies or having a feedback meeting, at least thank your staff. Simple and sincere, a “thank you” can go a long way.


These are simple, low-cost ways of making staff feel valued. Give them a try ¿ they'll make for happy staff who'll stick around.