RECRUIT   |   RETAIN   |   SUPPORT   Dedicated team to help recruit, retain and support your talent

We know recruitment is seen as expensive, Oraculum have the tools & expertise to change that perception.

RECRUIT the way you want and need to - Yourself | With Us | For You

RETAIN your investment in people, use Oraculum to help retain your staff and avoid disruption.

SUPPORT if you need to let staff go, do so in a way that protects your brand image and gives your employee the best opportunities during the transition.

SERVICES Some of the things we do

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HR Support

Support for your HR function is key to the ongoing success of your employee strategy

Support for your HR function is key to the ongoing success of your employee strategy.

By offering your HR the support they need, when they need it, we ensure that your business is fully supported throughout the employee cycle.

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New to recruiting? Need affordable help to hire?

Our HireSMART service provides the right level of consultancy and tools to help you establish successful, professional recruitment in your business.

Get the consultancy and tools you need for our Do It Yourself service.

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You want to have the tools and the tips and have us do it WITH you

Want us to manage recruitment alongside you - this is our Do It With You service?

Focused on the quality of your hires whilst saving you time and money avoiding expensive agency costs.

Enabling you to have a positive, active recruitment process to consistently source the best talent for your business.

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RecruitSMART Campaign

For your ongoing, recruitment & talent acquisition projects.

Helping businesses successfully attract, engage recruit & retain great talent, build great teams.

Improve your quality per hire, cost per hire and time to hire. Establish & grow your positive Employer Branding & EVP.

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The tool to help collaborate over your recruitment process

Need a tool that helps you manage applications, roles and communication with candidates RAAS is the collaboration tool you need.

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Outplacement Services

Needing to let staff go and do the right thing?

Providing Outplacement Support Services during consultation and notice periods is appreciated by employees.

Testimonials We thrive on our positive referrals, recommendations and excellent long term business relationships.

The following testimonials are just a selection of the many happy clients and candidates that we have worked with.

If you would like a more detailed reference of our services please contact us and we would gladly put you in touch with someone that we know would confidently explain the fantastic service we provided.

ABOUT US Dedicated, reputable professionals with a proven track record in recruitment and staffing support.

"Investing in staff is essential for the growth and development of a business. Completed in an organised, efficient & skilful manner, it can be a positive and rewarding aspect for your business. Achieved successfully it can change your business completely."

At Oraculum, we understand staffing is a major investment. This essential resource requires continuous attention and development. The rewards are integral to the success of your organisation and are a valuable reflection of your business’s journey & growth.

We like people! Great staff are essential for any successful business, and we love helping businesses grow through effective recruitment and staff support throughout the whole employee cycle.

You may not enjoy the challenge of recruitment, but we do! We know how businesses feel about recruitment, and we love making it into a straightforward, positive process.

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