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Starter Service

Our Starter-Service provides clients an easy entry into professional recruitment with a low upfront investment.

Who is it for?

Our Starter-Service is ideal for small organisations who have the capacity to manage the recruitment process themselves but lack the access to job boards and ability to target the right audience.

What is it?

Oraculum will provide the expertise to ensure your advertisement is right - both practically and legislatively, and perform detailed searches via CV database searches of major job boards.

The advertisement will appear on many national and local job boards and will have the necessary keywords to attract the right audience.

How does it work?

We will talk to you and go through what you have and what you need and assit in creating the ideal advertisement.

We will then advertise the role, search CV databases and send over every candidate that applies or is a high match.

You will have the full CV with all the contact details and can follow-up the interview / rejection stages independantly of Oraculum.

We will talk to you and go through what you have and what you need and assit in creating the ideal advertisement.

What then?

At the conclusion of the two week advertisement you can either extend the plan for a further period to attract more candidates potentially with a refresh of the advertisement and a further CV search or you can ask Oraculum to take on the whole recruitment process for you.

We know that recruitment can be time-consuming and frustrating, if after using the starter-service you would prefer to reduce the effort and distraction on your part we can can migrate you onto our Risk-Free service at a reduced rate.

Details of the Risk-Free service can be found below but in essence we would do all the admin, pre-screening and arranging interviews for you with all follow-up admin such as rejections and references.

Not up to managing the whole process yourself? If the Starter Service is not for you or taking too much of your time away from the business then perhaps our 100% Risk-Free Service is what you need:

Classic Service

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Free things:

Here is your Recruitment Toolkit

The fantastic, comprehensive toolkit to help you manage your own recruitment process.


Important Note:

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