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Classic Service

Our Classic Service provides clients a fully managed recruitment service based purely on successfully filling the vacancy. Risk-Free.

Who is it for?

Our Risk-Free Service is ideal for any business who feel unable to find the right people themselves who will meet the criteria to work for you, the role and the business.

It is for business owners who value their time spent on their business and not having to handle the recruitment process, which can often be fraught with hassle and legislative challenges.

What is it?

Oraculum will fully manage the process on your behalf and will always promote you in the best possible way. We will take your requirements and advertise the role where necessary, we will perform exhaustive searches of CV databases and analyse potentially hundreds of CV's.

Furthermore, we will contact each potential candidate and discuss the role, the business and package to ensure they are right for you. Only after this extensive search and pre-screening would we be confident to put them through for your consideration.

Finally Oraculum will deal with all the administration both pre and post interview to ensure that you expend the minimal effort to get the right member of staff.

How does it work?

We will meet with you and go over everything about the role and the business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We will provide regular updates but aim to put in front of you a number of potential candidates for shortlisting consideration.

Then we will arrange interviews and perform the necessary administrative tasks surrounding that.

Finally, upon success we will ensure that both you and the new starter are both happy and settling in well.

What then?

Recruitment is only part of the service, our goal is recruitment+retention, we want you to only go through the cycle the once for this role.

  • There will be no invoice in the first 4 weeks of the start date.
  • Invoice terms are then 28 days from that date.
  • Finally we provide up to 12 weeks refund policy.

Looking for more? If you need yet more control of the service whilst retaining the minimal effort from yourself then maybe a fully bespoke premium service is what you need:

Premium Service

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Free things:

Here is your Recruitment Toolkit

The fantastic, comprehensive toolkit to help you manage your own recruitment process.


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