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Oraculum Classic Service

Hiring doesn't have to be painful.

Find new staff risk-free & easily with the Oraculum recruitment marketplace.

How does Risk-Free recruitment service work?


We will provide a free consultation to discuss the role and business in order to determine the correct approach to your recruitment campaign.

Free Consultation
Free review of job specification
Free process outline
Consultation process continues throughout the campaign


We will write an effective advertisement and ensure the role is targetted at the ideal audience.

Free review of advertisement
Advertising across major job boards
Advertisement in place until filled
Periodic Advertisement review to ensure it remains "fresh"


All applications will be screened in accordance to our best practice.

Fully qualify every application and lead
Ensure every potential candidate is interviewed by us
Ensure the candidate is right for your business as well as your role
Arrange interviews, preparing you and the candidate for the process
Obtain references and assist with admin responsibilities

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Oraculum Classic Service

Get in contact with us if this is the service you need to help you find the ideal candidate for your role.

Important Note:

You will receive confirmation via email so be sure to add "oraculum.co.uk" to your list of email acceptable domains.

The key to great business is great staff...

Our commitment is to supply the most effective & successful staffing & recruitment results every time.

Our focus is on professional recruitment services; sourcing the best staff to each of our clients.

Our dedication is your best route to successful recruitment & staffing results.

Our desire is to get to know more about you and your business.

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Need help managing your own recruitment process?

Professional Adverts
Access to Job Boards
Full Access to all Matched CVs
2 weeks of professional advice

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Want us to manage recruitment on your behalf?

100% Risk-Free
4 weeks before invoice
12 weeks settling in
Free consultation

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Need something a bit special and unique to your needs?

Everything CLASSIC service offers
Bespoke Advertisement Campaign
Bespoke Application Form
Targetted Candidate Search

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