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Valentine's Day: find the perfect match

[Posted 13/02/2015 12:28]

Valentine's Day comes along in February, a day for couples (and couples to be!) to celebrate their love. Whether you eagerly await a deluge of cards and flowers, or stamp around complaining about commercialism, it's good to take time to think about those you share your life with ? and not just your partner or spouse but those you work with too.


There are so many things we look for when we're choosing a partner; some straightforward, some impossible to quantify. But the reason we have such high standards and expend so much energy on our love lives is that we're looking for someone we can stay with forever.


Recruitment's not that different. As in the rest of your life, you want your workplace to be relaxed, and happy; a place where everyone's productive and gets on well. That's why the recruitment consultants at Oraculum are standing by to help you find candidates who are the perfect match for your business.


There are practical reasons for wanting a new employee to be perfect (or as near as) for your business. Firstly, recruitment costs time and money and you don't want to be shelling out every six months. Not only that but the people who are going to be making money for your business are the ones who are well-established. If new recruits get hacked off and leave before they've started generating any business, recruiting them has been a waste of time. For the best return on investment, find someone who's going to stay for the long term.


Entrepreneur and Dragon's Den dragon Peter Jones points out that ?people are the lifeblood and engine room of any business.? He's right. You need the right people in place so your business can continue to grow. Invest in your staff and you're investing in your business. If you recruit people who fit in and believe in the business, those people will make it thrive. 


Recruiting the right person isn't difficult but you do have to do it properly. Be clear about the skills you're looking for and remember to look for transferable skills as well as direct experience. Don't just focus on the skill set ? personality is very important too. And a good recruitment consultant can make all the difference too….


We know you love your business and we want you to love your new recruits too. At Oraculum, we're very experienced at placing the right candidate with the right company. Give us a call and we'll help you find the perfect match today.

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