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[Posted 12/02/2015 11:21]

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It was National Libraries Day this week and we reckon it's well worth celebrating! Libraries are a great resource if you're job hunting so it's a good idea to join, whether you?re a keen reader or not. Here's why:

Free Wi-Fi

Did you know that all of Surrey's libraries, and most libraries nationwide, offer free WiFi? You can search for jobs online without having to shell out for data roaming or a cappuccino. You can take your own laptop or portable device, or simply use one of the library's computers. Once online, you can search for jobs through recruitment websites (like Oraculum!) as well as print or download application forms.

MINT UK searches and other resources

MINT UK is a database of valuable information about companies. It can help you decide if you'd like to work for them and, if so, how to market yourself. MINT UK is available for free at most Surrey libraries, simply call the library to book.

If you need to brush up your skills or gain an additional qualification, libraries also hold information about training courses. Look in the business section and you'll find books on how to write CVs, covering letters and personal statements, as well as literature with advice for completing psychometric tests.


It may sound odd to talk about privacy when libraries are so public…but we all know that job hunting can be a touchy subject, particularly with current colleagues and sometimes even family members! If that's the case for you, does your job search at the library - no one from work will be looking over your shoulder and you won't have to fend off any difficult questions.

No distractions

How many times have you set aside your own time for job hunting but ended up defrosting the freezer, repotting the spider plants or…um… just watching TV? Fortunately, the library has no such distractions and it can often be easier to focus there than at home.


Libraries are a great resource when you're job hunting, whether you need books and databases or access to the internet. And once you?ve got your application in, the library can even lend you a DVD so you can chill out with your favourite film…all you need to supply is the popcorn!

PS National Libraries Day took place on Saturday, 7 February 2015. Click Here if you'd like to get involved.

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