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Candidates - New year: time for a change?

[Posted 12/01/2015 15:01]

Lots of people's New Year's resolutions include changing their jobs or careers…but how many achieve it? It's so easy to procrastinate and stay in a job that's not really fulfilling, just because it seems easier. The thing is: we deserve to be in the right jobs! We deserve jobs that make us happy and fit in with our interests, our lives and our families.


If you're changing your job this year, January is a great time to start planning. No matter how determined you are to leave your current job, making a bolt for it is never a good idea. Maybe you're involved in a project and staying to finish it would make your CV stronger. Maybe you've only just decided it's time to move on, but either way, it's a good idea to talk to an expert before you make your move. Often, expert suggestions will make the whole thing seem easier and inspire you to take the plunge!


Recruitment experts can advise you on how to go about finding a new role and sell yourself to prospective employers. They've got some great ideas about where to look: job boards are the obvious place but LinkedIn's a great tool too, emailing you possible roles every week.

A recruitment consultant can help you update your CV and list your direct skills and experience. They'll also look at your transferable skills, which might come from any aspect of your life. Your multi-tasking mum skills or fearless bungee jumping could both make you a really strong candidate!


Recruitment consultants can help you highlight your strengths and passions. If an employer can see what drives you, they might want it to drive their business too.

It's important to think of job hunting as a job in itself. If putting the hours into research and applications seems exhausting, remember, we're here to help you!  At Oraculum, we want to see you in a job where you can use all your skills and feel happy and valued. Give us a shout and we'll get you on the right track.

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