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New Year, New Attitude

[Posted 06/01/2016 07:01]

New Year, New Attitude

Happy New Year!

We’re a week into January. How many resolutions have you made? And how many have you kept?! If you’ve already used your Christmas gift gym membership and phoned up your mum, well done you. And if you’ve already had a cheeky mid-week G&T and left the sink unbleached, you won’t be the first to break a resolution either!

A lot of us make resolutions about our jobs. We spend more than half our lives at our workplaces, so being happy at work is essential. If your job is less than perfect, deciding to leave and find a role that’s better paid, more challenging or more creative seems like an obvious step. But job hunting isn’t the only option. There’s a lot you can do to make sure you get more out of your current job. Staff retention is a key factor for companies so if you help them along by proactively ensuring your workplace is as positive as it can be, you can help yourself and your company.


Sometimes we’re not able to get as much from our jobs as we’d like because we lack a particular skill or experience. We might feel stuck in a rut while people with more varied experience whizz past us and get to do all the fun stuff. If that’s the case for you, it’s well worth looking out for training opportunities.

If you’re hoping to get an accreditation, such as in accounting or HR, there will be a cost involved but companies sometimes pick up the bill if you can demonstrate the advantage to the business as a whole.

Consider evening classes too ? it might be possible to retrain or explore another industry without leaving the security of the job you already have.

Increase responsibility

Many of us feel that our role would be more rewarding if we had more responsibility and more challenges. A great way to start the ball rolling is to make suggestions, if a mass email comes round and you have helpful comments to make, make them! They will be valued (honestly!) and it’s a great way of keeping lines of communication open between you and your managers. You can talk to your line manager too and explain that you’d like to take on more if the opportunity arises.

Ask for a raise ( in the right way…)

If you already have additional responsibilities, it might be time to ask for a raise. After all, there aren’t many people who wouldn’t like to be paid more for what they do! Before you bring up the subject, be ready with specific examples of what responsibilities you’ve shouldered and what value you’ve already brought to the company or organisation. Ask how you can move towards being considered for a salary rise?

Other ideas

If committing to training courses, increasing your responsibility or asking for a raise seem a bit daunting, there are other, small-scale resolutions to make work more rewarding and enjoyable.

* Join in and be part of the team, make coffee for everyone, have lunch or a drink with colleagues, or even bring in a cake!

* Tidy your desk and put up a little photo or picture that makes you feel happy, you deserve a motivating, uncluttered workspace.

* Try and be five minutes early every day, it shows a great attitude and is a lot less stressful than being late.

What resolutions have you made? Are you sticking to them? Tell us all, we’d love to hear from you!

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