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Fireworks night ? what's been the highlight of your year?

[Posted 05/11/2015 12:01]

All this week, people are letting off fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators not blowing up Parliament. In France, fireworks night is 14 July, Bastille Day and the anniversary of the end of the Revolution. In America, 4 July is Independence Day and Americans celebrate not having to be an English colony anymore with a jolly good fireworks display!

Saving Parliament, becoming a republic and becoming an independent country are all great achievements - what will you be celebrating?

We can get so bogged down in day to day mishaps that we forget to celebrate our achievements too. Over the last year, Oraculum has done some great work with Challengers, a Guildford charity for children with disabilities, worked with new amazing clients, met fantastic candidates, arranged 100’s of interviews and achieved so much this year.

Our new website is live, ensuring candidates have a positive journey with our service and we’re already planning for 2016! We’re feeling great about our achievements and, while we know full well why there’ll be fireworks on Thursday, we’re secretly thinking they’re for our own achievements too.

Whatever you’ve done this year, celebrate it! Maybe you’ve got a new job, or up-skilled yourself so you can command a higher salary. Maybe something wonderful has happened in your personal life - you’ve got married (or found ‘the one’) passed exams, had a baby or been round the world.

Joy and celebration are so important. They keep us going and help us through the difficult times. They remind us how great we really are, making us carry on job hunting without losing heart.

At Oraculum, we’re thrilled with what we’ve achieved this year. What’s been the highlight for you? We’d love to hear all about it so please share your stories in the comments box below. If you’re still job hunting, we can help - give us a call!

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