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You can't get the staff

You can't get the staffPosted: 30/04/2016 09:15

Some employers find themselves wondering why their staff aren’t helping the business to grow. Others are wondering why their team members move on so quickly. Some are settling for second...

New Year, New Attitude

New Year, New AttitudePosted: 06/01/2016 07:01

New Year, New Attitude

Happy New Year!

We’re a week into January. How many resolutions have you made? And how many have you kept?! If you’ve already used your...

What is a good recruitment consultant?

What is a <b>good</b> recruitment consultant?Posted: 23/12/2015 07:15

We all know that recruitment consultants find candidates to fill vacancies at client companies. But how is a good recruitment consultant different from the rest? And why can’t your business...

Using a recruitment expert doesn't have to be scary!

Using a recruitment expert doesn't have to be scary!Posted: 29/10/2015 07:13

Using a recruitment expert doesn't have to be scary!

It’s nearly Halloween! Pumpkins are piled up at the supermarkets, children start planning frightening costumes and...

Staff Appraisals

Staff AppraisalsPosted: 25/03/2015 08:33

Staff appraisals: a valuable two-way process

It's easy to see appraisals as another staffing chore but in fact, they can be very enlightening for employers. Appraisals are...

7 ways to show your staff you appreciate them

7 ways to show your staff you appreciate themPosted: 02/03/2015 14:55

It's Employee Appreciation Day on 2 March! At Oraculum, we really do appreciate our team's hard work…and we know how important it is to tell them. Caring is a great way of making...

Valentine's Day: find the perfect match

Valentine's Day: find the perfect matchPosted: 13/02/2015 12:28

Valentine's Day comes along in February, a day for couples (and couples to be!) to celebrate their love. Whether you eagerly await a deluge of cards and flowers, or stamp around complaining...

Did you miss this FREE Business Service?

Did you miss this FREE Business Service?Posted: 12/02/2015 11:21

Library search, job search

It was National Libraries Day this week and we reckon it's well worth celebrating! Libraries are a great resource if you're job hunting so...

Candidates - New year: time for a change?

Candidates - New year: time for a change?Posted: 12/01/2015 15:01

Lots of people's New Year's resolutions include changing their jobs or careers…but how many achieve it? It's so easy to procrastinate and stay in a job that's not really...

Clients - New year, new start

Clients - New year, new startPosted: 05/01/2015 09:15

January is a great time to plan for the year ahead there's a fresh new calendar on the wall and we haven't broken our resolutions (yet!).


There are lots of aspects of...

Why our real apprentice would wipe the floor with Lord Sugar's lot!

Why our real apprentice would wipe the floor with Lord Sugar's lot!Posted: 29/12/2014 16:38

Our apprentice hasn't "managed a team of 200" before her twenty-fifth birthday." She doesn't describe herself as a "stealth bomber" or   ...


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